Volunteer Loaders

We are looking for volunteers with daytime and evening availability to help with heavy lifting. 

Ready to lift?

There are a handful of shows per month that require The Ark to recruit volunteer loaders to help bring the band gear inside. Often the gear is stored in large rolling cases that need to be rolled to our freight elevator and lifted in by a few people, or rolled around to our front door to load in. Then, at the end of the night, it all needs to get packed up and back into the band’s vehicle or trailer. Typically, a load in or load out is less than an hour. The Ark’s sound technicians lead the operation and provide guidance on what to do.

If you join our loader crew, we will add you to a group email list and when we have a show that needs help, we email the group the details. Loaders can sign up on a first come, first serve basis. In return, we offer a free ticket to a non-sold out show of your choice at The Ark.

This is a potentially dangerous task, so loaders need to be alert, use good judgement, ask for help, and work as a team.

Here are some expectations for loaders:

  • You are 18+ years old
  • You are punctual and will arrive a few minutes ahead of artist load in time or load out time
  • You will participate for the duration of load in or load out
  • You can take direction from our lead techs and traveling artist crew
  • You are friendly and are able to remain calm when faced with obstacles
  • You are comfortable handling heavy cases and equipment safely
  • You are respectful of the artist and traveling crew’s personal space

Still interested? Please fill out the volunteer loader form.